Target Audience
This project was originally designed for children between 6 and 10 years old. The sessions can, however, be adapted to any age group, from pre-school children to elderly people.
Due to the original and playful format, “A Feast of Violins” is frequently requested by music schools wishing to increase the number of violin students.
The party atmosphere of the sessions is also appropriate for marking special days and for group cohesion (private, office, institutional parties, team building).

Where does it happen
There is no set location for the sessions. Any indoor location sufficiently large for the participants to play their instruments is adequate: schools, libraries, museums, cultural Centre,etc.

Number of participants
Between 10 and 30.

Duration of the sessions
Between 60 and 90 minutes.


The objective of A Feast of Violins is not to teach the violin. Those interested in learning to play should seek out a music school of a private teacher.
However, some continuity is possible by means of occasional projects adapted to the specific needs of each institution.